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of laughter

Since 2002, the Dr. Clown Foundation has been running therapeutic clown programs in various care settings in Quebec: with hospitalized children and children in schools; with seniors in long-term care facilities, and with adult patients in general hospitals.

This Christmas we want to be able to offer laughter through our presence to as many children as possible and so we are launching fundraising campaign to finance our Dr Clown for Kids program. Our greatest wish is to continue to spread the benefits of our therapeutic approach to a large number of children, thereby increasing our days of service.

Every contribution will make a real difference in the lives of hundreds of children.
You can help fulfill our wish and offer the gift of laughter in two simple ways:

Make a donation

Your donation will make a real difference in the children’s hospital experience, by allowing our artists to accompany them through their illness and brightening up their daily lives.

Fund a direct act : an actual visit, an actual intervention. 100% of the amount will be donated to fund the action, and will make a real impact.

will allow Dr Clowns to visit 2 hospitalized children 

will allow Dr Clowns to visit 4 hospitalized children 

will allow Dr Clowns to visit 6 hospitalized children

Buy tickets for Le Grand Cabaret des Clowns

The artists of the Dr. Clown Foundation are once again taking off their white coats to offer you a great celebration on stage. This is a unique opportunity to come and appreciate their many talents outside of hospitals and residential centers. See more than 20 clowns perform in short, cabaret numbers. Their goal? To make you laugh, to move you, and to entertain you. While remaining delinquent, imaginative and playful, clowns in hospitals and nursing homes must respect several rules, but on stage the clowns are set free and will surprise you!

Fondation Dr Clown - Cabaret2

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